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Ion Exchange Resin &
Synthetic Adsorbents

Ion Exchange Resin & Synthetic Adsorbents

Nippon Rensui Co. is a sole agent of DIAION in Japan and develops the sales activities since 1954 when Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. has started the manufacturing styrene base ion exchange.

DIAION is used widely from making the boiler feed water, process water producing to removing specific component by chelating resin, de coloring, adsorption and separation use by ion exchange resin or non-ionic adsorbent, high porous polymer HP series.

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I. Water Treatment
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Softener SK1B SK110 SK112
DI Water SK1B SK110 UBK08 UBK10 UBK12 SA10A SA20A SA20AP UBA120 UBA200
DI Water (Drinking) SK1B SK110 UBK08 UBK10 SAF12A RDA02
Ultra Pure Water SMNUPB SMT100
Nuclear Power Plant SKN1 UBKN1 SAN1 SMN1 SMN3 SK1BN SA10BN
II. Waste Water Treatment Plating Waste Water Treatment PK216 WA30 CR11 CR20
Metal Recovery SA10A CR20
Boric Acid Waste Water Treament CRB03 CRB05
III. Food and Food Additive
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De-color and Desalination for Sugar SAF11AL PAF308L PA312 PA408 WA30 SK1B SK112 PK218
Separation and Purification of Sugar UBK530 UBK555
Purification of Polyphenol HP20 SP850 SP207
Purification of Fruit Juice WA10 WA30 SP70 SP700
Purification of Liquor SK1B SA10AP SA11A WA20
IV. Purification For Chemical
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Purification for Amino Acid & Nucleic Acid SK1B SKL10 WA30
Purification for Anionic Electro Deposition Paint SA10A WK40L
Purification for Glycerin PK216 PA308
Purification for Iodine NSA100
Removal for Iron from HCL SA10A
Secondary Brine Purification CR11
Purification for Black Sodium at Pulp Process AMP UBK
Dehydration from Organic Solvent SK1B
V. Purification For Medicine Purification for Antibiotics HP20 HP2MG SP825L HP20SS SP207SS
Purification for Vitamin PA306S HP2MGS
Separation of Protein, Immobilization of Enzymes SEPABEADS FP/EP
VI. Others For Catalyst SK104H PK208LH PK216H RCP160M